The effect of climate change on plant diseases

  • R Yáñez-López
  • I Torres-Pacheco
  • RG Guevara-González
  • MI Hernández-Zul
  • JA Quijano-Carranza
  • E Rico-García
Keywords: CO2, global warming, temperature effect on diseases.


The effects of climate change on plant diseases have been the subject of intense debate in the last decade; research in this sense has been carry out, however, more information is needed. Elevated temperatures and carbon dioxide concentrations associated with climate change will have a substantial impact on plant-disease interactions. Changes in temperature affect both the host and the pathogen; thus, risk analyses must be conducted for each pathosystem to determine the effects of climate change. Studies have been performed under controlled conditions, and the effects of high CO2 levels have been identified; however, field responses such as the adaptation of pathogens over time may be different. The climate influences the incidence as well as temporal and spatial distribution of plant diseases. The most likely effect of climate change in poleward modifies agroclimates zones, this causing a shift in the geographical distribution of host pathogens. Considering this climate change could profoundly affect the status of agricultural diseases, the focus of this study was to review studies related to the effects of climate change on plant diseases. Taking into account the work done, this review addresses the impact of climate change on plant diseases, considering the effect on crop grown, development and the impact on crop production.

Key words: CO2, global warming, temperature effect on diseases.


eISSN: 1684-5315