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Genetic identification of a dwarf mutant in cucumber (<i>Cucumis sativus L.</i>)

M Xin
Z Qin
L Wang
T Wu
X Zhou


The dwarf (compact) plant architecture is an important trait in cucumber  (Cucumis sativus L.) breeding. A dwarf type mutant was selected from the cucumbers. The morphological and reproductive characteristics of the dwarf were compared with the vine plants. The dwarf type of cucumbers is  characterized by its short internodes, underdeveloped tendril and small flower, while the dwarfs possessed more female flowers, more fruits and shorter  growing period than the vine plants. The phenotype of hybridization and  genetic analysis indicated that the dwarf plants have a monogenic inheritance, in which the vine genotype is dominant (CP) to the dwarf genotype (cp).  Based on cell-size analysis, the microstructure of internodes was recognized. The microscopic observation revealed that this dwarf appearance was the result of cell elongation inhibition.

Key words: Cucumber, genetic analysis, cell elongation, internodes.

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eISSN: 1684-5315