Comparison of quality characteristics of Çökelek and Lor cheeses

  • A Kavaz
  • A Arslaner
  • I Bakirci
Keywords: Çökelek, Lor, lipolysis, proteolysis, microbiology, sensory.


The objective of this study was to compare some quality characteristics of Çökelek (cottage cheeselike) and Lor (whey cheese) cheeses during a storage period of 21 days. Çökelek and Lor cheeses significantly (P < 0.05, P < 0.01) showed differences in terms of the examined parameters and storage period. Mean value of lipolysis in Çökelek cheese was higher (P < 0.01) than that of Lor cheese. Also storage time affected (P < 0.01) the values of lipolysis in two experiments. It was found that αs1casein was hydrolyzed much faster than those of γ-casein and β-casein in the Çökelek and Lor cheeses, the γ-, β-, and αs1casein levels in two cheeses remained relatively constant during storage. There were no significant differences in water-soluble N (WSN), trichloroacetic acid soluble N (TCA-SN) and phosphotungstic acid soluble N (PTA-SN) contents of the two experiments, but the storage time significantly (P < 0.01) affected these parameters. The counts of coliforms, lactic acid, proteolytic, psycrotrophic bacteria and yeasts-molds between Çökelek and Lor cheese samples were found to be significant (P < 0.01), but total aerobic mesophilic bacteria (TAMB) and Salmonella thermophilus counts were not significant statistically. Storage time significantly (P < 0.01) affected the examined microbiological parameters. Sensory evaluations of the experimental cheeses showed differences in terms of cheese types and storage period.

Key words: Çökelek, Lor, lipolysis , proteolysis, microbiology, sensory.


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eISSN: 1684-5315