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Structure of mitochondrial DNA control region of Argyrosomus amoyensis and molecular phylogenetic relationship among six species of Sciaenidae

C Chen, YL Li, L Wang, GY Gong


The structure of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region of Argyrosomus amoyensis was examined in this study. TAS, cTAS, CSB-D to CSB-F and CSB-1 to CSB-3 segments were detected in the species. The results indicated that the structures of these parts were different from that of most fishes. All the mtDNA control region sequences examined had missing tandem repeat sequences downstream of CSB-3, which were the same as most fishes’. In addition, part of the COI gene was used to analyze the phylogenetic relationships of six Sciaenids species. The phylogenetic tree results supported the classification by traditional morphology, and COI barcodes were useful for identifying these six species of Sciaenids.

Key words: Control region, structure, Argyrosomus amoyensis, COI, phylogenetic relationship, Sciaenidae.
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