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Determination of long-term effects of consecutive effective fresh chicken manure with solarization and verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahlia Klebb) on weed and its control in egg plant

C Özaslan, I Çimen, MZ Kizmaz, V Pirinç, A Kara


The aim of the study was to determine the weed density and the most economical way of weed control in eggplant (Solanum melongena) fields contaminated with Verticillium dahliae (Kleb) after the application of fresh chicken manure and solarization in the second year as the same crop was grown. The effect of solarization on weed and the labor need in weed control continued in a diminishing way in the consecutive observations. With fresh chicken manure (FCM), number of weeds (number m-2) decreased but their green and dry biomass (weights g m-2) increased. The labor need (d ha-1) to control the weeds decreased. Similar results were also recorded for V. dahliae inoculation. As a result of the study, 50% of labor saving was achieved in the plots of solarization and either FCM rate combinations [sol x FCM (12 kg.m-2); sol x FCM (6 kg.m-2)] compared to the control plots. Achieved savings in labor can afford to cover the costs of solarization and FCM.

Key words: Soil solarization, fresh chicken manure, Verticillium dahliae, eggplant, weed, weed control.

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