Evaluation of the postharvest quality of Cagaita fruits (Eugenia dysenterica DC.) coated with chitosan and associated with refrigeration

  • BSM Freitas
  • GR Plácido
  • C Cagnin
  • M Caliari
  • RM Silva
  • CLC Silva
  • MD Cavalcante
  • JLF Souza
  • JA Célia
  • KB Oliveira
Keywords: Physical structure, film solution, quality, shelf life


Cagaita fruits are subject to seasonality and perishability. This work aims to use scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to evaluate the physicochemical characteristics, texture, color and physical structure of cagaita fruits coated with different chitosan concentrations. The fruits were divided as follows: T0 (uncoated fruits), T1 (fruits coated with 1% (v/v) chitosan), T2 (fruits coated with 2% (v/v) chitosan) and T3 (fruits coated with 3% (v/v) chitosan). They were analyzed at 0, 10, 20 and 30 days of storage. Titratable acidity and soluble solids content showed no conservation of fruit characteristics; they showed better results for uncoated fruits, as well as weight loss, vitamin C and peak strain. The color of cagaita fruits confirmed ripening during storage regardless of treatment. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the film solution did not adhere, as desired, to the cell wall of fruits. As the results of fruits coated with 3% pectin were close to control, further studies should be carried out with higher coating percentages so that the fruit quality is maintained during storage.

Keywords: Physical structure, film solution, quality, shelf life.


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eISSN: 1684-5315