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Biogenesis of nanoparticles: A review

p Bansal
JS Duhan
SK Gahlawat


Advancement in nanotechnology mainly depends upon advancement in nanomaterial. There are many chemical routes known to use toxic chemicals for synthesis of nanoparticles but the need of the hour is to use environmental benign, greener and safer routes. Researchers are looking to use various living organisms as ‘nanoparticle factories’. Various biological entities like bacteria, fungi, diatoms, higher plants, actinomycetes and viruses have been used for this purpose. Due to their normal biosynthetic pathways, they can reduce salt into corresponding nanoparticles. This review includes some of the biological sources which have been used by researchers for the synthesis of nanoparticles and their applications.

Keywords: Biogenesis, nanofactories, nanoparticles, antimicrobial activity, semiconductor nanoparticles.

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol 13(28) 2778-2785

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eISSN: 1684-5315