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Population genetic structure of Rufous-Vented Prinia (Prinia burnesii) in Pakistan

S Muhammad, AA Khan, M Babar, M Riaz, N Akhtar, I Khaliq


The objective of the study is to ascertain genetic variation within Rufous-vented Prinia, Prinia burnesii an endemic species, by DNA fingerprinting applying random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique. Genetic material was obtained from three distant sites along western bank of River Indus. These sites include Chashma barrage (32°50’N, 71°20’E), in the north; Taunsa barrage (30°45’N, 70°45’E) and the southern population from Guddu barrage (28°26’N, 69°44’E). In total, 14 RAPD primers were selected to determine the genetic variability between three populations of the species. The Nei’s (1973) genetic diversity in three populations ranged from 0.190 to 0.320. The genetic distance between Populations ranged from 0.149 to 0.265. The polymorphism levels ranged from 48 to 83% in three populations and at species level, polymorphism were 93.07%. The results further indicate that they are genetically isolated populations.

Keywords: Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA, Prinia, genetic variation, river Indus

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