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Compositional assessment of carotenoid-biofortified rice using substantial equivalence

Jae Kwang Kim, Soo-Yun Park, Sun-Hwa Ha, Si Myang Lee, Sun Hyung Kim, Hyo Jin Kim, Hyeon-Seok Ko, Sung-Dug Oh, Jong-Sug Park, Seok-Cheol Suh


One important aspect in assessing the safety of genetically modified (GM) crops for human consumption is characterizing their nutrient composition. A β-carotene-biofortified rice was generated by inserting phytoene synthase (Psy) and carotene desaturase (Crtl) genes isolated from Capsicum and Pantoea into the genome of a conventional variety of rice (Nakdongbyeo). Nutrients (proximates, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins), anti-nutritive components (trypsin inhibitors and phytic acid), and ferulic acid in GM rice were compared with those in the parent line Nakdongbyeo. Statistical comparisons to test for equivalence showed that all of the analyzed components in the GM plants were equivalent to those in its non-transgenic counterpart, and most nutritional components fell within the range of values reported for other commercial lines, indicating the safety of the GM plant.

Key words: Genetically modified crop, β-Carotene, Transgenic rice, Nutrient, Substantial equivalence.
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