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Effect of colchicine on mitotic polyploidization and morphological characteristics of <i>Phlox drummondi</i>

AK Tiwari
SK Mishra


The present work was undertaken to observe the response of Phlox drummondi to colchicine treatment. The survival rate and germination percentage is severely affected by various treatments of colchicine. In this investigation, doses related effects of the ploidy treatments on quantitative traits were noticed. Result indicates reduction in plant height, number of leaves per branch, but increase in number of branches. Stomatal size was negatively correlated with stomatal frequency. Stomatal size and stomatal frequency can be used as indirect methods for identification of ploidy level of Phlox. This finding demonstrates the existence of genetic variation for the morphological response to ploidy change in P. drummondi.

Key words: Phlox drummondi, polyploidy, floral abnormalities, survival rate.

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eISSN: 1684-5315