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The simulation analysis of contact characteristics of biomimetic flexible surfaces

Sui Xiuhua, He Jing, Zeng Xianwei, Huang Yunqian, Su Xu


Based on the foot structure of the climbing biology and multivariate coupling bionic technology, the bionic flexible convex surface was designed and a 3D model was created using the digital modeling software. Finite Element Analysis software was used for contacting analysis to the bionic flexible convex foot structure in the state of dry friction and wet adhesion, and then studied frictional contact performance. The results of Finite Element Analysis shows that the contact stress of the convex is much larger than the stress of the area around it in the dry friction state and the deformation is mainly concentrated in the convex’s top. The friction between the hemispherical convex surface and the contact surface is the maximum and the cylindrical convex surface is the minimum. The friction between the bionic flexible convex structure and the solid contact surface in wet adhesion state is larger than dry state.

Keywords: Bionic, flexible, contact, finite element, wet adhesion
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