Production and partial characterization of invertase from Mucor geophillus EFRL 03

  • Abdul Sattar Qureshi
  • Imrana Khushk
  • Muhammad Aqeel Bhutto
  • Muhammad Umar Dahot
  • Ikram- ul-Haq
  • Safia Bano
  • Humera Iqbal
Keywords: Mucor geophillus, Brassica niger, submerged fermentation, invertase.


In the present study, cultural conditions for invertase production from Mucor geophillus using Brassica niger (oilcake) in batch wise submerged fermentation was  investigated. The effects of time period (24 to 240 h), carbon sources [Brassica campestris, B. niger, pomegranate peel, coconut, malta peel, apple pulp and glucose (control)] and nitrogen sources (peptone, yeast extract, corn steep liquor, ammonium chloride, sodium nitrates and potassium nitrate) were checked on  invertase production. The highest level of invertase was achieved using mineral medium containing 1.0% B. niger hydrolyzed with 0.3 N HCl and 0.5% yeast extract as carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively, and after 48 h of incubation at 45°C, initial pH was adjusted to 6.5. Invertase exhibited the maximum  stability in the range of 25 to 50°C temperature and 4 to 6 pH, respectively, within 10 min of incubation. The enzyme retained more than 60 and 50% activities at 8 and 70°C pH and temperature, respectively. In this study, cost effective substrate was utilized for invertase production. The pH and thermostable invertase can be  utilized in industrial process.

Key words: Mucor geophillus, Brassica niger, submerged fermentation, invertase.


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eISSN: 1684-5315