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Comparative study of potato cultivation through micropropagation and conventional farming methods

P Singh, RK Agnihotri, S Bhadauria, Rashmi Vamil, R Sharma


A trial was carried out to evaluate the productivity of Solanum tuberosum L. cultivated through conventional farming and micropropagation method. Survival rate, biomass and tuber yield of both micropropagated and tuber propagated potatoes was evaluated. Survival percentages of potatoes were 90% for conventional propagation and 85% for micropropagation. The survival rate of micropropagated plants were maximum of 79% in vermicompost and minimum of 50% in the soil. The average shoot length, number of leaves and leaf area was greater in tuber propagated plants compared to the micropropagated plants. Tuber propagated plants yielded 1.360 kg/plant which was 0.370 kg/plant more than micropropagated plant.

Keywords: Conventional farming, micropropagation, potatoes, tuber propagation
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