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Effect of cellulase treatment of long fiber fraction on strength properties of recycled corrugated medium

Y Biricik
C Atik


It is a well-known fact that the physical strength properties of fibers decrease with recycling. The aim of this study was to investigate the positive effect of using commercial cellulase enzymes on the physical strength properties of corrugated medium. The long fiber fraction of pulp is the most appropriate application point of a cellulase enzyme. Therefore, the pulp used in this research has been obtained at fractionation screen levels of modern Karton paper mill Turkey. The long-fiber fraction of the pulp for corrugated medium was pre-treated with four different commercial enzymes, Roglyr Bio 1537, Maximyze 2520, Benstone and Bensoft Plus. The handsheets for physical testing were prepared after blending of beaten long-fiber and unbeaten short-fiber fractions. The obtained test results have indicate that the application of enzyme on appropriate fiber fraction have positive effects on the strength properties of the corrugated medium. The short span compression test is one of most important strength properties of corrugated board and increase from 8.41 to 20.5% with enzymatic pre-treatment and beating of the long fiber fraction.

Key words: Corrugated medium, enzymatic pre-treatment, cellulase, long-fiber fraction, paper strength properties, short span compression.