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Phytotoxic characterization of crude methanolic extract of <i>Periploca aphylla</i>

Rahmat Ali Khan
Noor Aslam Khan
Mustaq Ahmed
Muhammad Rashid Khan
Farid Ullah Khan
Abdus Saboor Shah
Mir Sadiq Shah


Periploca aphylla is traditionally used in the treatment of various ailments. Phytotoxic activity of crude methanolic extract of P. aphylla was tested on the germination of wheat seeds and on the growth of the germinated seedlings. In both the field and plate studies, the extract showed inhibitory effect on the germination of the growth of root and shoot of the seedlings. The inhibition was found to be dose dependent. The higher concentration of 1000 μg/ml showed maximum inhibitory effect on the growth of root and shoots in the studies of plate as well as on fresh and dry weight of wheat plant. Similarly, the herbicidal activity is also dependent on the concentration of extract. In this study, it was found that inhibitory potential of methanolic extract of P. aphylla increased as 1000 >100 >10 μg/ml.

Keywords: Phytotoxic activity, herbicidal activity, germination, plates and field studies, Perifloca aphylla

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eISSN: 1684-5315