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Differential responses of two rubber tree clones to chilling stress

Luo Ping, He Jun-Jun, Yao Yan-Li, Dai Xiao-Hong, Cheng Ru-Xiong, Wang Li-Feng


Chilling stress is one of the most important environmental factors that limit the growth, distribution and yield of rubber tree in China. The effects of chilling stress on the grated plants of two rubber trees clones, GT1 and Wenchang217, were studied by physiological methods in controlled light chamber in order to explore the physiological mechanism of cold tolerance in rubber tree. Our results show a significant change in the tested physiological parameters after chilling treatment between two rubber clones. In comparison with the case of rubber tree clone GT1, the level of malondialdehyde (MDA) increased while superoxide dismutase, especially peroxidase and catalase decreased significantly in the seedlings of rubber tree clone Wenchang217 in response to chilling stress. As the cold tolerance ability of rubber tree clone GT1 is stronger than that of rubber tree clone Wenchang217, activation of oxidative quenching enzyme system should be one of the important factors that determine the cold tolerance of rubber tree.

Keywords: Chilling stress, cold tolerance, Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg., physiological parameter, seedling
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