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Genomic and proteomic analysis with dynamically growing self organising tree (DGSOT) for measuring clinical outcomes of cancer

S Nkhwa
FM Fadlelmola


Genomics and proteomics microarray technologies are used for analysing molecular and cellular expressions of cancer. This creates a challenge for analysis and interpretation of the data generated as it is produced in large volumes. The current review describes a combined system for genetic, molecular interpretation and analysis of genomics and proteomics technologies that offers a wide range of interpreted results. Artificial neural network systems technology has the type of programmes to best deal with these large volumes of analytical data. The artificial system to be recommended here is to be determined from the analysis and selection of the best of different available technologies currently being used or reviewed for microarray data analysis. The system proposed here is a tree structure, a new hierarchical clustering algorithm called a dynamically growing self-organizing tree (DGSOT) algorithm, which overcomes drawbacks of traditional hierarchical clustering algorithms. The DGSOT algorithm combines horizontal and vertical growth to construct a mutlifurcating hierarchical tree from top to bottom to cluster the data. They are designed to combine the strengths of Neural Networks (NN), which have speed and robustness to noise, and hierarchical clustering tree structure which are minimum prior requirement for number of clusters specification and training in order to output results of interpretable biological context. The combined system will generate an output of biological interpretation of expression profiles associated with diagnosis of disease (including early detection, molecular classification and staging), metastasis (spread of the disease to non-adjacent organs and/or tissues), prognosis (predicting clinical outcome) and response to treatment; it also gives possible therapeutic options ranking them according to their benefits for the patient.

Key words: Genomics, proteomics, microarray, dynamically growing self-organizing tree (DGSOT).

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