Arsenic levels in groundwater aquifer of the Neoplanta source area

  • Dragica Stojiljkoviæ
  • Gordana Šekularac
  • Miodrag Jelic
  • Milena Djuric
  • Snežana Komatina-Petrovic
  • Sreæko Trifunovic
Keywords: Water source area, arsenic content, electromagnetic method, RADIJAN 2001


As part of a survey on the groundwater aquifer at the Neoplanta source site, standard laboratory analysis of water quality and an electromagnetic geophysical method were used for long-term quantitative and qualitative monitoring of arsenic levels. This study presents only the results of research conducted in the Neoplanta-Koteksprodukt zone for 2005 and 2008 for the purpose of comparison of water quality at the aquifer. Varying levels of arsenic in both industrial and sanitary waters were determined, indicating water pollution with arsenic compounds. The horizontal electromagnetic prospecting method was used to define the extent of the arsenic-polluted zone and pollution direction. Vertical prospecting in the polluted zone helped identify the depth and interval of arsenic infiltration into both soil and water.

Key words: Water source area, arsenic content, electromagnetic method, RADIJAN 2001.


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eISSN: 1684-5315