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Oxygen uptake rate (OUR) control strategy for improving avermectin B1a production during fed-batch fermentation on industrial scale (150 m3)

Jian-Guang Liang, Xiao-He Chu, Ju Chu, Yong-Hong Wang, Ying-Ping Zhuang, Si-Liang Zhang


Glucose metabolism plays a crucial role in the process of avermectin B1a biosynthesis. Controlling glucose feeding based on oxygen uptake rate (OUR) was established to improve the efficiency of avermectin B1a  production. The result showed that avermectin B1a production was greatly enhanced by OUR control strategy. In the glucose feeding phase, OUR was maintained at approximate 12 mmol/L/h, which was conducive to avermectin B1a biosynthesis. Using this OUR control strategy, an adequate supply of organic acid precursors produced avermectin B1a 5228 U/mL, which was 22.8% higher than that of the control (batch fermentation, 4256 U/mL) on industrial scale.

Key words: Avermectin B1a, glucose feeding, oxygen uptake rate, industrial scale.

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