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Role of alternative oxidase in postharvest stress of fruit and vegetables: Chilling injury

Morteza Soleimani Aghdam


Chilling injury (CI) imposes a limitation for extending storage of fruit and vegetables. Chilling injury can result from oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Alternative oxidase (AOX) as a ROS avoidance genes play pivotal role in defense mechanism against chilling injury derived oxidative stress. Postharvest treatment of fruit and vegetables through methyl salicylate, methyl jasmonate and storage in atmosphere with high O2 could induce AOX gene expression and led to chilling tolerance. In this review, the main topic is the role of postharvest treatments in tolerance to chilling injury via induction of AOX gene expression and AOX physiological roles in fruit ripening.

Key words: Chilling injury, alternative oxidase, methyl salicylate, methyl jasmonate, reactive oxygen species, fruit ripening.

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eISSN: 1684-5315