Helminth parasites of Synodontis nigrita at lower Niger (IDAH), Nigeria

  • O. O. Toluhi
  • S. O. Adeyemi
Keywords: Acanthocephala, nematode, isolation, trematode, intestine


The isolation and identification of helminth parasites of Synodontis nigrita and length–weight relationship of the fish in the lower Niger (Idah), Kogi State, Nigeria were carried out in order to describe the pattern of occurrence of the helminth and to establish the well-being of the host fish. A total of 102 randomly sampled fish were studied and three genera of helminths were recovered; 39.1, 48.7 and 12.2% respectively, and were harboured in the fish’ intestine. The three genera of helminths isolates identified include two nematodes (Capillaria and Contracaecum species), Acanthocephala (Acanthocephalus species) and Trematode (Posthodiplostomum spp.). Of the 102 fish studied, 16 were infected with 80 helminth parasite giving a prevalence rate of 15.7%. The overall mean intensity and mean abundance of helminth parasite occurrence for the sampled fish were 13.6 and 1.5, respectively. The mean standard length of the fish was 7.45 ± 2.59 cm. The need for fish seeds from the wild to be examined for the helminth parasites during culture practice and the socio-economic and human health implications of eating infected fish is also recommended.

Key words: Acanthocephala, nematode, isolation, trematode, intestine.


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eISSN: 1684-5315