Bio-corrosion of water pipeline by sulphate-reducing bacteria in a mining environment

  • Z. Manafi
  • M. Hashemi
  • H. Abdollahi
  • Gregory. J. Olson
Keywords: Sulphate-reducing bacteria, corrosion, water pipeline, biocide


Detrimental effects of corrosion in conjunction with bacterial activity in water pipeline systems have led to an increase in research in how to prevent such occurrences. In particular, sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB), found in anaerobic conditions underneath the main corrosion shell, are noteworthy for their effects in promoting localized corrosion. This study investigates the presence of SRB in water, in a water pipeline and in the soil near the pipeline at a mining operation, under conditions that would be expected to be stable toward corrosion. Samples of water in pipes showed a high frequency of SRB. Cast iron coupons placed in pipes gave positive results for SRB colonization after only one month. Corrosion rates of the coupons increased in the presence of SRB, indicating microbially induced corrosion. Application of various biocides to control SRB was evaluated.

Key words: Sulphate-reducing bacteria, corrosion, water pipeline, biocide.


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eISSN: 1684-5315