Second derivative spectrophotometric determination of cyclophosphamide in pharmaceutical formulations

  • Nabil A. Fakhre
  • Hemn A. Qader
  • Alaadin M. Naqishbandi
Keywords: Cyclophosphamide, derivative spectrophotometry


A new, simple, rapid, wide applicable range and reliable second derivative spectrophotometric method has been developed for determination of cyclophosphamide (CP) in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms. Calibration graph is linear in the concentration range of 25 - 200 μg/ml of CP with 10  μg/ml of detection limit and correlation coefficient of 0.9976. The precision and accuracy were acceptable depending upon the values of relative standard deviation and error percentage. Developed second derivative spectrophotometric method can be directly and easily applied for analyzing pure form and commercial pharmaceutical preparations of CP. The method was compared with a standard high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method and can be used for the quality control of pharmaceutical preparations in Erbil City.

Key words: Cyclophosphamide, derivative spectrophotometry.