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Pollen fertility estimation of some sub-tropical flora of Pakistan

Khalid Ahmad
Nighat Shaheen
Mushtaq Ahmad
Mir Ajab Khan


A total of 46 species from 3 monocotyledon and 18 dicotyledonous families were investigated for percentage pollen fertility. The average fertility was 91.15% which showed the general stability of the flora in the study area. In the present research the highest 100% value was observed in Argyrolobium roseum (Camb.) Jaub. and Spach and the lowest 66.67% was observed in Spergularia arvensis L. The dominant families regarding number of species were: Brassicaceae having six species, whose average fertility was 91.82% and Papalionaceae having five species whose average fertility was 88.79%. The present studies showed that the flora of the area is a stable one.

Key words: Pollen fertility, district tank, sub-tropical flora.

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eISSN: 1684-5315