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Decolorization of the dye reactive black 5 using Fenton oxidation

Pegah Bahmani
Afshin Maleki
Esmail Ghahramani
Ahmad Rashidi


Study on the effect of Fenton process on decolorization and mineralization of RB-5 in aqueous solution is presented in this work. Batch experiments were carried out to find the optimal operational conditions including pH, temperature, H2O2 dosage, FeSO4 dosage and RB-5 concentration at low cost. Degradation of RB-5 dye as an organic pollutant was monitored based on decolorization and mineralization extents of the model solution determined by UV-vis spectrophotometric and chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis respectively. Optimum pH and temperature for 250 mg/L RB-5 were observed at 3.0 and 40°C respectively and using 50 mg/L of FeSO4 and 300 mg/L of H2O2 resulted in generation of 58.9% COD and 97% color removal after 10 min reaction by Fenton. It is concluded that Fenton process can provide better result for decolorization compared to COD removal in the treatment of textile effluent.

Keywords: Decolorization, black 5, Fenton oxidation, dye

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(26), pp. 4115-4122