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Nutrients composition of calyces and seeds of three Roselle (<i>Hibiscus sabdariffa</i> L.) ecotypes from Niger

Sanoussi Atta
Benoît Sarr
Aissa B Diallo
Yacoubou Bakasso
Issaka Lona
Mahamane Saadou


The chemical composition of calyces and seeds of three ecotypes of Roselle from Niger was compared. The results indicate that calcium (Ca), potassium (K), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg) and protein contents in calyces are significantly different (P<0.005) among ecotypes. The highest concentrations of K, Na, Mg and protein in calyces were recorded for ecotype E7 (35.66, 3.40, 6.01 and 101 mg/g d.w., respectively). Ecotype E9 had the highest Ca content in calyces (34.41 mg/g d.w.); while E3 and E7 had similar and lower contents. The protein content in calyces for E9 (52 mg/g d.w.) was approximately halved compared to those of E3 and E7. For all ecotypes, the concentrations of Ca, K, Mn, Na and Fe in the calyces were higher compared to those in the seeds. In contrast, P content was higher in seeds. The highest K, Na, Mg and P concentrations in seeds were registered for E7 and the lowest ones for E9. Ecotypes E3 and E9 recorded higher and similar Cu, Fe and Mn contents in calyces and in seeds compared to E7. The highest Zn concentrations in seeds were obtained for E3 and E7.

Keywords: Niger, Roselle, seeds, calyces, protein, composition, micronutrients, macronutrients

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(26), pp. 4174-4178

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eISSN: 1684-5315