Cloning and characterization of maize ZmSPK1, a homologue to nonfermenting1-related protein kinase2

  • Huawen Zou
  • Xiuhai Zhang
  • JiuRan Zhao
  • Qing Yang
  • Zhongyi Wu
  • Fengge Wang
  • Conglin Huang
Keywords: Zea mays L., SnRK2b, expression pattern, abiotic stress


SnRK2s play important roles in plant stresses responses. One full-length cDNA encoding a SnRK2b homologue was isolated from maize by RT-PCR and named as ZmSPK1 (for stress-induced protein kinase). The ZmSPK1 protein has 364 amino acids with an estimated molecular mass of 41.8 KD and an isoelectric point of 5.8. The deduced protein sequence has the closest identities to the members of SnRK2b group. RT-PCR analysis showed that the ZmSPK1 expression was induced by mannitol, salt and abscisic acid (ABA). Furthermore, in different tissues the ZmSPK1 showed different expression patterns and was most abundant in reproductive organs. These results suggested that ZmSPK1 might play multiple roles in abiotic stress resistance pathways, as well as in plant reproductive development.

Key words: Zea mays L., SnRK2b, expression pattern, abiotic stress


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eISSN: 1684-5315