An innovative approach for hyperproduction of cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes by consortium of Aspergillus niger MSK-7 and Trichoderma viride MSK-10

  • Ikram ul-Haq
  • Muhammad Mohsin Javed
  • Tehmina Saleem Khan
Keywords: Strain compatibility, co-culture, mono-culture, fermentation.


The present work describes the production of cellulolytic enzymes (CMC-ase, FP-ase, β-glucosidase) and hemicellulolytic enzyme (xylanase) along with total extracellular protein by Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma viride using submerged fermentation. Among seven different kinds of experiments, secretion rate of protein and enzymes was investigated by mono- and co-cultures of A. niger and T. viride using wheat bran as substrate with the supply of Eggins and Pugh salt medium. Co-culture of A. niger and T. viride (when both were mixed together simultaneously) gave 30-50% higher production of total protein (0.58 mg/ml) and enzymes; CMC-ase (2.79 U/ml/min), FP-ase (1.75 U/ml/min) and xylanase (189.7 U/ml/min) than mono-cultures and all other combinations. Biosynthesis of β-glucosidase was found higher i.e., 4.66 U/ml/min in co-culture of A. niger and T. viride (when T. viride was mixed with 24 hours old culture of A. niger). Simultaneous co-culture of A. niger and T. viride was further optimized with fermentation rate, different carbon sources, incubation temperature and different pH of fermentation media.

Key words: Strain compatibility, co-culture, mono-culture, fermentation.


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eISSN: 1684-5315