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The influence of African Herbal Formula on the haematological parameters of trypanosome infected rats

VI Okochi, J Okpuzor, MO Okubena, AK Awoyemi


A herbal mixture of herbs code named African Herbal Formula (AFH) influenced the state of anaemia in trypanosome infected rats. Observations showed that the formula has an effect on the haemopoietic system manifested by a positive increase in the levels of haemoglobin, packed cell volume and red blood cell while the white blood cell and lymphocyte levels were decreased. AHF also delayed the proliferation of the parasites and improved the level of the characteristic weight loss associated with trypanosomiasis.

Key words: African Herbal Formula, trypanosomiasis, anaemia.

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol.2(9) 2003: 312-316
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