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Study of the bacteriological and physicochemical indicators of pollution of surface waters in Zaria, Nigeria

VN Agbogu, VJ Umoh, CA Okuofu, SI Smith, JB Ameh


This study investigates the pollution level of surface waters in Zaria, Nigeria. The bacteriological and physicochemical analyses performed were in accordance with standard procedures. Out of 228 samples from different sites, 128 (56.1%) had counts higher than the standards. Samaru stream was the
most polluted. The frequency of contamination of samples with Escherichia coli O157 was only 2.2%. There was a positive correlation between faecal coliform count with most of the physicochemical parameters. The use of the surface waters as raw water for drinking, irrigation of food crops for raw
consumption and for recreational activities may be hazardous. The study therefore, stresses on the need to control the faecal pollution of the bodies of water.

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