Overexpression AtNHX1 confers salt-tolerance of transgenic tall fescue

  • L Tian
  • C Huang
  • R Yu
  • R Liang
  • Z Li
  • L Zhang
  • Y Wang
  • X Zhang
  • Z Wu
Keywords: AtNHX1 gene, transgenic tall fescue, particle bombardment, salt-tolerance


Saline soil is a serious problem worldwide, and it is necessary to improve the salt tolerance of plants so as to avoid the progressive deterioration of saline soil. Here we report that over-expression of AtNHX1 improves salt tolerance in transgenic tall fescue. The AtNHX1 gene driven with CaMV35S promoter was
constructed into the plant expression vector pGreen0229, and introduced into the embryonic calli of hypocotyls of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea ) by particle bombardment. Regenerated plantlets were obtained by screening of herbicide (PPT, 2 mg/L), and the putative transformants were assayed by PCR
and western blot analysis. 29 transgenic plants were obtained. The results indicated that the exogenous genes had been integrated into the genomes of transgenic plants, and AtNHX1 is expressed in the plants. There was remarkable salt tolerance in transgenic plants compared to control plants

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315