Frequency distribution 0f ABO, RH blood groups and blood genotypes among the cell biology and genetics students of University of Lagos, Nigeria

  • OA Adeyemo
  • OB Soboyejo
Keywords: Rhesus factors, haemoglobin, genotype, blood groups


One hundred and fifty students (150) were randomly selected from the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics of University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria for ABO, RH blood groups and 6 haemoglobin genotypes studies. Blood group O was the highest with the percentage frequency of 55.3%, followed by blood group A (25.3%), B (16.7%) and the least percentage frequency was blood group AB which is 2.7%. The RhD distribution also varies among the four (4) ABO blood groups. The total percentage of
RhD positive was 94% and that of RhD negative was found to be 6%. When the students were screened for haemoglobin genotypes the percentage frequency for the haemoglobin genotypes for HbAA, HbAS, HbSS, HbAC, HbSC were 70%, 26%, 1.3%, and 0.7%, respectively.

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eISSN: 1684-5315