Potentials of cellulosic wastes in media formulation

  • S Nwodo-Chinedu
  • VI Okochi
  • O Omidiji
  • OO Omowaye
  • BR Adeniji
  • D Olukoju
  • F Chidozie
Keywords: Selective media, cellulosic materials, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium chrysogenum


Potential use of cellulosic wastes as carbon and energy sources in selective media formulations was investigated. Two agar media, Czapek-Dox and Sabouraud’s agar, were modified by substituting their
carbon sources with cellulose, sawdust and sugarcane pulps. Then, two fungi; Aspergillus niger ANL301 and Penicillium chrysogenum PCL501, newly isolated from wood-wastes, were transferred to the unmodified and modified media and their growth was monitored for 120 h. Growth of the organisms on modified media containing sawdust and sugarcane pulp compared favorably with that obtained for the unmodified equivalents. Modified Czapek-Dox agar containing 2% (w/v) sawdust (Wood agar) and sugarcane pulps (Cane agar) gave 78.9 – 93.3% of the maximum growth obtained on Sabouraud’s agar. The modified Sabouraud’s agar containing sawdust (Wood-Pep agar) and sugarcane pulps (Cane-Pep agar) yielded 84.4 – 100% of the maximum growth on Sabouraud’s agar. Cellulose-containing media gave a lower level of growth (60.0 – 66.7%) of that obtained for the unmodified media.