Red blood cell morphology and plasma proteins electrophoresis of the European pond terrapin Emys orbicularis

  • CA Hosseinzadeh
  • N Jafari
Keywords: Emys orbicularis, turtles, erythrocytes, plasma proteins.


The European pond terrapin(Emys orbicularis) is a turtle found in southern and central Europe, West Asia and North Africa. In this study, we used juvenile E. orbicularis (females of 4 - 5 years old) which was captured from the different area of the Mazandaran province in April 2006. Blood was collected from the dorsal sinus into EDTA-coated vacutainer tubes. Plasma proteins were quantified and diluted to different ratios. SDS-PAGE was able to resolve 17 bands at minimum concentration of 51.0 mg/well
which contain high and low band with molecular weight of 130.0- 132.0 and 20.0-23.0 kDa.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315