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In vitro propagation of Alstroemeria using rhizome explants derived in vitro and in pot plants

Y Hamidoghli, S Bohloli, A Hatamzadeh


Alstroemeria with beautiful and long shelf life of cut flower is one of the most important ornamental plants. This plant could propagate by splitting of the in vivo produced rhizomes but the propagation rate is rather low. In the present study, regeneration ability of plantlets was compared using in vitro and in vivo grown rhizome buds as explants. In vitro and in vivo grown rhizome buds were cultured on MS basal medium with 3 different compositions of growth regulators (1, 0.2 mg l-1 NAA with 1 mg l-1 BA
and 0.2 mg l-1 IAA with 1 mg l-1 BA). Cultures were incubated in 18 ± 1°C at 16 h photoperiod. Four subculture of explants were done on the same fresh media with 3 weeks intervals. The results showed that in vivo rhizome bud produced the largest number of small rhizome and roots on medium containing 0.2 mg l-1 NAA with 1 mg l-1 BA.
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