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Supracondylar and infratubercular processes observed in the humeri of Nigerians

KA Oluyemi, UC Okwuonu, OA Adesanya, OB Akinola, DA Ofusori, VO Ukwenya, B Odion


We present the first recorded supracondylar and infratubercular processes of humerus among Nigerians of the West African nation. Morphometrical analyses of 40 humeri (20 left and 20 rights) were conducted. One of the humeri possesses the supracondylar spine which measures 1.6 cm and stands at 100o on the anteromedial surface 5.5 cm above the medial epicondyle and exactly midway between the medial epicondyle and nutrient foramen. We also report the first infratubercular process ever.
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