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Protein modeling of apical membrane antigen-1(AMA-1) of Plasmodium cynomolgi

DM Mamatha, K Nagalakshmamma, VAD Rajesh, VS Sheerin


Apical membrane Antigen-1(AMA-1), an asexual blood stage antigen of Plasmodium cynomolgi, is an important candidate for testing as a component of malarial vaccine. The degree of conservation of
AMA-1 sequences implies a conserved function for this molecule across different species of Plasmodium. Since the AMA-1 of plasmodium cyanomolgi is yet to be structured, the authors have generated a homology model of AMA-1 by using the Swiss-PDB server. The protein’s conservity has been verified by performing multiple alignments using Bioedit and conserved domain database. The model was further checked for its correctness by predicting 2D and 3D structures, which validates the

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