Kinetics of biological treatment of phenolic wastewater in a three phase draft tube fluidized bed bioreactor containing biofilm

  • V Vijayagopal
  • PL Sabarathinam
Keywords: Phenol degradation, draft tube fluidized bed reactor, kinetics.


Phenolic wastewater was treated in a three-phase draft tube fluidized bed reactor containing biofilm. Phenol removal rate with biofilm was evaluated both theoretically and experimentally. The results indicate that biodegradation of phenolic wastewater by biofilm process could be treated as a zero order reaction. The volumetric biological removal rate with biofilm is proportional to the specific surface area of the biofilm with characteristic constant (k) 0.74 x 10-2 kg PhOH/m2 biofilm/d. It is proven here that
almost 100% phenol removal could be attained at a specific biofilm surface area per volumetric phenol loading rate exceeding 132 m2/(kg-PhOH/d). The bioparticle diameter and the bioparticle hold-up in the three phase draft tube fluidized bed bioreactor are the decisive factors for the efficiency of the phenol treatment.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315