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Kinetic models of cell growth, substrate utilization and bio-decolorization of distillery wastewater by Aspergillus fumigatus UB260

M Pazouki, G Najafpour, MR Hosseini


Bio-decolorization kinetic studies of distillery effluent in a batch culture were conducted using Aspergillus fumigatus. A simple model was proposed using the Logistic Equation for the growth, Leudeking-Piret kinetics for bio-decolorization, and also for substrate utilization. The proposed models
appeared to provide a suitable description for each parameter devoted to the growth phase. The biomass yield for 14 g/l substrate was 70.7%. The maximum specific growth rate (µm) of the obtained and fitted data is close to the calculated ìm of the present research work (0.03 h-1 ). It was found that the kinetic model for the bio-decolorization of distillery effluent was growth associated.

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