Preliminary study into the long term effects of a hypoglycaemic polyherbal formula (Yem-Kem) on some biochemical parameters in normal rabbits

  • AB Ojekale
  • MA Kappo
  • S Agbasoro
  • A Kazeem
Keywords: Hypoglycaemia, serum analytes, enzymes, herbal formula, Yem-Kem


The blood glucose lowering capacity of the polyherbal formula (Yem-Kem) was investigated in this study in an in vivo clinical trial using normal Sprague-Dawley rabbits orally administered with the formula over a 60 day period. The results showed that continuous exposure to the extract resulted in an overall lowered blood glucose level, lowered body weight and serum triglycerides, an increased alkaline phosphatase level, and fairly stable bilirubin levels. The formula is efficient as a hypoglycemic
formulation, but its toxicity or otherwise cannot be established by this study.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315