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Analysis of genetic diversity in <i>Eucalyptus grandis</i> (Hill ex Maiden) seed sources using inter simple sequence repeats (ISSR) molecular markers

DO Okun
EU Kenya
PO Oballa
DW Odee
GM Muluvi


Eucalyptus grandis is an economically important tree species that is native to the Australian continent and its northern neighbours, where it is grown primarily for its hard wood timber and pulp for paper
industries. It is widely grown in tropical countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Ghana, and Zimbabwe. Five ISSR primers generated 41 scorable polymorphic bands which were used to analyse genetic diversity between and within the seed sources and for construction of neighbour-joining phenogram. Mean Genetic Diversity per each primer loci based on Nei (1987) statistics indicated significant genetic variation between seed sources with 26.4%, (Gst = 0.264) of the total variation attributed to differences between seed sources. The variation between populations could be due to ecological, geographical association and gene flow rates and hence they should be conserved to retain the full breadth of genetic variation of the species. Thus, ISSR-PCR technology is a reliable, rapid (high throughput) and cost effective marker system that can be used to study genetic variation and genetic relationships among E. grandis seed sources.

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eISSN: 1684-5315