Isolation and characterization of lipase-producing Bacillus strains from oil mill waste

  • TS Mohan
  • A Palavesam
  • G Immanvel
Keywords: Bacillus, lipase, substrates


Bacillus strains (B1 - B5) producing extra cellular lipase were isolated from the soil sample of coconut oil industry. The strains were identified by morphological and biochemical characters. Growth of the
organisms and lipase production were measured with varying pH (4 - 9) temperature (27, 37 and 47ºC) and various substrate concentrations. The result indicated that the lipase production varied between
Bacillus strains and also between varying parameters tested. The maximum lipase production was recorded at pH 7 during 24 h of the culture period by Bacillus strain B5. Among the substrates tested,
coconut oil at a concentration of 0.5% was found to enhance the lipase production in the same Bacillus strain B5. Further the effect of medium temperature indicated that the production of lipase was maximum at 37ºC. Statistical analysis revealed that the variation in lipase production was highly significant between bacterial strains than the independent influence of pH, substrates concentration and medium temperature.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315