Amino acid profile of two non-conventional leafy vegetables, Sesamum indicum and Balanites aegyptiaca

  • D Kubmarawa
  • IFH Andenyang
  • AM Magomya
Keywords: Sesamum indicum, Balanites aegyptiaca, amino acid, nutrients, antinutrients, vegetables.


The leaves of Sesamum indicum and Balanites aegyptiaca are popularly consumed in Adamawa State of Nigeria largely by the rural communities. They were analyzed to determine proximate nutrient
content, amino acid composition and antinutritional factors. Data obtained for proximate composition showed protein content of 18.59 and 15.86% for S. indicum and B. Aegyptiaca, respectively. These values are high compared to those for some common Nigerian vegetables. Leaves of both plants had high percentages of crude fibre (27.58 and 30.75%). Carbohydrates, lipid, moisture and ash contents were within the range expected for dry leafy vegetable. Seventeen (17) amino acids were found in
varying proportions in the protein of both vegetables. The anti-nutritional factors analyzed; tannins, oxalates and phytates, in the vegetables were lower than the range of values reported for most vegetables.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315