Iodine contents of some selected roots/tubers, cereals and legumes consumed in Nigeria

  • BA Salau
  • AO Ketiku
  • EO Ajani
  • EN Ezima
  • GO Idowu
  • MO Soladoye
Keywords: Iodine, cereals, tubers, legumes.


Some selected staple foods: tubers, cereals, and legumes, grown, sold and consumed in Ijebu-North Local Government area, Nigeria were evaluated for their iodine content using standard methods. Among the tubers, Ipomea batata (sweet potatoe, red species) was observed to have the highest iodine content (311.33±8.52 mgI) while the least iodine value of 88.97±1.31 mgI was recorded in Discovea avenmensis (cocoyam). Among the cereals, maize was observed to have the highest iodine content
(100.96±3.50 mgI). When the iodine content of the legumes was compared, the highest was observed in Glycine soja (soybean; 179.56±4.66 mgI) while the least was in Cucus melo (mellon; 29.84±1.21 mgI). Result from our findings indicated that most of the staple foods contain high level of iodine.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315