Identification of intergeneric hybrids between Saccharum spp. and Erianthus fulvus with ITSs

  • HY Zhang
  • LL He
  • HQ Zhong
  • FS Li
  • SC He
  • QH Yang
Keywords: Saccharum spp, Erianthus fulvus, intergeneric hybrids, identification, ITSs.


Identification of “Saccharum spp. × Erianthus fulvus” F1 hybrids was performed with ITS analysis. Out of 6 pairs of ITS primers, ZM-02 and ZM-04 were found to be suitable to detect the hybrids. The rate of
true hybrids tested by ZM-02 and ZM-04 was 74.6 and 73.8% respectively and the amplification products of ZM-04 were similar to the ones of ZM-02.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315