Saturation mapping of QTL region determining resistance specificity to bacterial leaf blight pathogen in rice with molecular markers, ESTs and genes on sequences in silico

  • B.P Niranjan
  • B Gupta
  • A.S Kotasthane
Keywords: QTL, quatitative disease resistance, target region amplified polymorphism, candidate genes, DRgenes genes.


Genetic improvement for biotic resistance in rice involves the quantitative nature of inheritance, which reflects the additive effects of several genetic loci throughout the genome. To


in silico identify putative candidate genes involved in defense response, we performed in silico anchoring of the QTL genetic marker data to the rice physical map. The QTLs responsible for resistance was analyzed on CT 9993-5- 10-1-M / IR 62266-42-6-2 double haploid population. In total there are 77 markers, 53 ESTs, and 32 genes on sequences were localized in the QTL region RG1028-ME7_4 on chromosome 1. The genes on sequences were classified based on their function in the resistance pathway. Our functional categorized results are clearly showing that there are many defense related proteins which express during the disease resistance against the bacterial leaf blight and the generated data can further be used for the validation of the QTL and further fine dissection of the same for the development of the blight resistant variety.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315