Influences of the disease resistance conferred by the individual transgenes, Pi-d2, Pi-d3 and Xa21, on the transgenic rice plants in yield and grain quality

  • ZN Hao
  • J Wang
  • LP Wang
  • RX Tao
Keywords: Oryza sativa, resistance gene, transgenic plant, resistance, yield, grain quality, rice blast, rice bacterial blight.


To research possible influences of the disease resistance conferred by different trans-resistance genes on the transgenic rice plants in their yields and grain quality, three transgenic rice lines, including two with the resistance genes Pi-d2 and Pi-d3, respectively, for rice blast, and one with the resistance gene Xa21 for rice bacterial blight, which all showed the highest resistance to their respective pathogen races, were used to analyze and measure their respective characters in yield and grain quality as compared to those of the transgenic control line with the empty vector that was used to transfer Pi-d2, Pi-d3 and Xa21, respectively. Both yield and grain quality of all three transgenic materials with the respective trans-resistance genes decreased significantly. Grain weight per plant of Pi-d2, Pi-d3 and Xa21 transgenic individuals decreased by 7.7%, 29.6 and 44.4%, respectively, compared to the control. Grain quality of Pi-d2 and Pi-d3 transgenic plants were both the third class according to the Industrial Standard, ‘Grain Quality of Edible Rice Variety’ and one class worse than that of the control, but the third class still belongs to edible grains. However, grain quality of Xa21 transgenic plants was too bad to be edible.

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eISSN: 1684-5315