Bioleaching of copper, cobalt and zinc from black shale by Penicillium notatum

  • F Anjum
  • HN Bhatti
  • MA Ghauri
  • IA Bhatti
  • M Asgher
  • MR Asi
Keywords: Bioleaching, Penicillium notatum, organic wastes, organic acids, metals solubilization.


In this study, the recovery of metals from low grade black shale ore was attempted by employing fungal strain, Penicillium notatum using different organic wastes as substrates. Maximum recovery of copper (49.29%) and cobalt (53.51%) was found in media containing glucose (standard medium) and molasses as substrate at 28oC after 33 and 30 day of leaching period at 120 rpm. Whereas the maximum concentration of zinc (79.11%) was found in medium containing acidified mango peel as substrate under similar conditions. Extractions were compared with chemical leaching, where leaching up to 54.27% Co and 35.16% Zn were achieved in medium of 1% oxalic acid whereas, copper up to 51.22% extracted in medium containing 1% citric acid. Recovery of metals from this ore has indicated that this low grade discarded ore may be potential source for metals in future prospect.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315