Enhanced production of subtilisin of Pyrococcus furiosus expressed in Escherichia coli using autoinducing medium

  • N Ikram
  • S Naz
  • MI Rajoka
  • S Sadaf
  • MW Akhtar
Keywords: Subtilisin, Pyrococcus furiosus, auto-induction, enhanced production.


A subtilisin gene identified in the reported genome sequence of Pyrococcus furiosus was amplified and inserted in pET-22b(+) vector to produce the recombinant plasmid pET-SB. Escherichia coli BL-21 (DE3)
CodonPlus was transformed with this plasmid and the enzyme was expressed up to 30% of the total cell protein on induction with IPTG. The expressed protein appeared at a position corresponding to ~20 kDa
on SDS-PAGE as compared to theoretical molecular mass of 17.6 kDa. This aberrant electrophoresis mobility could be due to specific amino acid composition of the protein. Auto-induction with lactose also produced a similar level of expression but the total amount of the enzyme produced was 2.4 fold
greater than that when produced with IPTG induction. This was due to a higher cell density obtainable in the auto-inducing medium. The enzyme expressed in the insoluble state could be partially refolded after denaturation with urea at high pH. This study reports for the first time high-level expression of
subtilisin of P. furiosus in E. coli using an auto-inducing medium.

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eISSN: 1684-5315