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Environmental adaptibility of tansy (<i>Tanacetum vulgare</i> L.)

S Stevovic
VS Mikovilovic
DC Dragosavac


Ecological role of essential oils is reflected in the interaction of plants with environmental factors. Environmental adaptability of the plants can be assumed from essential oil contents. Essential oils are agents, which communicate with the plant environment. Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.) was selected for laboratory research since it belongs to urban flora and vegetation where the imperative to adapt is high. Sample plants were collected from two site locations: Ada Huja (industrial zone) and Topider (green
area) in Belgrade, Serbia. A GC-MS analyses, to determine quantitative and qualitative composition of essential oils were used. The results of the research indicate that tansy from both locations shows a high degree of adaptability. Tansy from Ada Huja had larger total amount of essential oils comparing to plants from Topider. This study presents the comparative results of laboratory research. Specific components of the essential oil samples of plants from both site locations are identified.